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June 24, 2007


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These allegations about Edwards seem to be making much of very little, particularly in light of the outright abuse by Delay and other Republicans in recent history.


Will foundations and other nonprofits have to reveal their donor lists? Transparency is good, but so is confidentiality when raising money from those who value their privacy. When it is truly philanthropy having the lists private makes sense. When it is politics disguised as philanthropy, then transparency seems to make sense.


I think it shows just how far, greedy politicians will go to win an election.


A lot farther than a semi-bogus foundation, I am sure.


Are politicians automatically of suspect morals? Could a politician start a non-profit that is actually for the public good? What would that look like?

The right-wing noise machine has perfected a system of revolving door jobs in non-profits, the government and industry that makes a mockery of any ethical standard we might reasonably suggest. Where was US News and World Report on that story?


That is my question too. The ills are endemic and form a social milieu in DC, apparently. The pots call the kettles black. That does not justify the rampant gamesmanship, but it does make me wish for a good cleansing all around.




That TPM post makes me suspect that the powers that be are worried that an actual populist progressive could get on the ballot. Just like the scream that sunk the Dean campaign. It is highly suspicious. I want to know who is behind it.


Thanks, PB, for the link. We came to the same question, Gerry. Democracy in action.


Hillary is the only one on the Democratic side that they will countenance. You can see it in all the coverage at this point. That is exactly why we don't want her. She is only progressive in the most pejorative sense, which is a definitive example for Lenore and her "classic liberal" friends.


She will managme and administer with the best interests of the current system in mind. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

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