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January 20, 2007


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Daniel F. Bassill

If I had these assets I'd invest in social networking capacities so that people who care about an issue are more likely to bypass traditional media and go directly to circles where the groups share information, discuss ideas, and work to solve problems.

I'd also invest in organizations/universities that are teaching people to innovate, be creative, be problem solvers and complex thinkers, and who learn to learn from each other on an on-going basis. Thus, as we increase social networking capacity, we also increase the people who are using the knowlege available through the Internet to inform their decisions and their own innovations.

A lot of smart people in a room who just draw from their own wealth of knowledge is not nearly as powerful as a lot of average people who know how to draw from the knowledge that is available throughout the world.

Putting money into this process would be a tipping point that accelerates the rate of change that is already taking place because of the Internet.


I deeply agree. Seems almost surreal how the media, celebrities, big philanthropists, government officials, almost conspire to make public life an insider game, for an august few, casting us in the role of dupes, or churls forming a cheering crowd.

Leadership emerges from the informed populace, that is your ideal, mine too. A little money and leadership from "above" would go a long way to this kind of transformational wave. But do those on top want it? Would they not prefer to lock down the electorate with soundbites, and frames and think tank logic, and divide neighbor from neighbor with wedge issues, precisely so we don't toss the rascals out and take responsibility for our own future as a nation.

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