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December 17, 2006


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Hey Phil,

Was it just me, or was Mr. Singer's article a more persuasive argument for a truly progressive tax system, rather than more progressive philanthropy?

Of course, the former probably won't happen in our lifetime, at least in this country, so perhaps he was just being pragmatic, (which he called himself in the follow-up Q&A.) Thoughts?

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It was quite an article. Figure out what the world needs. Denominate in dollars. Divide by the top X percent of wealth holders; everyone to pay his or her fair share. If that fails, have the generous among them take up the remaining slack. What was missing, I thought, was a system for extracting the cash. Sweet reason, exhortation, celebrations and honors, peer pressure, taxes, pillory, expropriation - what would work best?

To Peter's logic, a funder might answer, "So, what happens if I don't give a dime?" I think we need an answer to that, or we have what is called "the free rider problem," or free loader. Unless the transfer of cash for social needs is fair, the more generous may give less than they might, feeling that they are being stuck with the bill by peers who never reciprocate.

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