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November 29, 2006


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Tom W.

Hey that's incredibly kind, especially coming from you...you'll find, however, that I'm neither a centrist nor particularly inoffensive. But there's plenty of time for that. Thanks for the compliment!


Even better. I should have mentioned your involvement with Drum Major Insitute, but I don't want to tip your hand as a trouble-maker, if you prove to be one. In any case, that you very much for coming by and for your good-spirited comment. I look forward to learning more about your many facets and projects. Thanks.


He's rumoured to correspond with Pete Townsend as well.




That's pretty funny whether intended or serindipitous.


Definitely intended.

Thomas Shelby Watson

Thomas Shelby Watson of Taylorsville, Ky. is a member of the Kentucky Journalism Hall of Fame, a 35-year Associated Press writer with many years as Kentucky Broadcast Editor, news director of WAKY, Louisville and WIL, St. Louis, publisher and editor of the Salt River Arcadian newspaper near Louisville, winner of the Robert Kennedy. National Headliners, Edward R. Murrow and many other broadcast documentary and news coverage awards, Author of "Confederate Guerrilla Sue Mundy," The Silent Riders," and "Kentucky Pioneers." Watson is nearing his 78th birthday in semi-retirement.

Phil Cubeta

I believe there may be two Tom Watson's here.

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