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November 15, 2006


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Great interview with David Rockefeller, what a wonderful family!


Wish they would hold a feast of fools, like nobles of old, and invite us, the country clowns.


Perhaps you should host the biggest, "gala affair" of them all! In honor of all the deserving philanthropists....a tribute, a "thank you" for using their good fortune wisely.
I can see it now....thrown by an anonymous person....the why's of the ones who do not get an invite....wondering what they have done wrong. A leaking of the why, "they" were not invited. A judgement directed toward the conscience of the souls who do not pay it forward...correctly or for personl gain.


Excellent thought. The Wealth Bondage 500 Top Philanthropists. The Wealth Bondage Charity Ball. I will ask Candidia if she will spring for it. I would love to organize it. Do you think as keynote speakers we could get Bill and Hillary? Bush the Elder? Philanthropy is such an upbeat topic we could probably get a real who is who to show up. As for the country clowns, perhaps it would be best if they waited outside by the Dumpster for any leftovers from the feast. Now, I just have to show Candy how she can make a buck off this, to support and uplift her double bottom line.


Masked, "country clowns" should meet and greet...host it, under a guise. Who is this masked man? They will wonder...of course big names will be dropped, to get them to show up. Under masks...the wealthy will serve, clean, scramble to make the wealthy comfortable. The chosen clowns, will do the hob-knob'n. The Charity bucket will be in it's own room, garbed in gold...who will drop in the bucket?


Yes, I think we can get Bill and Hillary.
Bill may hide under the bucket with a pretty country clown....we need clown security.


The chosen ones of honor will do nothing but be served, admired, a great tribute to them! Hey, you can chose roles for the invite's too....costumes, to fit their real positions in life. haha

Ok, late for my plane... I am going to Italy this week...ta!


Bill and Hillary masks, masks of Pierre Omidyar, Jeff Skoll, Karl Rove, the Coors patriarchs, Candidia, and the real people there too, in a glorious swirl of wealth, glamor, poverty, and hilarity. We are all just human, after all. Come let us drink!

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