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July 24, 2006


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Phil Anthropoid

Sometimes I think it would be good to have an irony emoticon -- a smiley face with his long tongue piercing his cheek, perhaps. This will help the people who find your posts too sophisticated. Of course, they'd need to be sophisticated enough to know what the emoticon means in the first place. Wittgenstein had something to say about this.

Typing away. Typing away into the Blogosphere. Fanning a small spark here. Inspiring some there. Inciting a riot.


I am enjoying the drier style. I love it that most readers assume that a) I am demented and b) I am perfectly good pundit. We have gotten so used to morally insane people in public roles that I fit right in.

I hope some small fraction realize that I am gulling them as they are duped daily and hourly by the press, and the powers that be.


You mean to say you are not demented? Playing with fire, he is, and look, he doesn't even singe his eyebrows. He dances with it and walks through it and is not burned.


No, Gerry, I am the normal one. Now, normal, I am afraid, in this day and age means happily deluded, and highly medicated, but, yes, I am normal.

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