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March 26, 2006


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Albert Ruesga

Very nice words, Phil, and thanks also for the sound advice. I can't let go without comment the assertion that I'm a thought leader in philanthropy. It's an odd leader who leads nobody.

I'm thinking a great deal--perhaps too much--about your advice on the proper balance between satire and sophistry. In the post on Husock, I assumed his reaction to my suggestion (the reaction of any rational person) would be to balk. I figured that his rejoinder--if there were one--would take one of two direction: (1) "Here's a better idea for guaranteeing a flow of dollars to essential social services as government shrinks ...," or (2) "All you liberals ever do is take people's hard-earned money." Either way, I'd know if Mr. Husock was on the side of the angels or not. In other words: I couldn't assume my aim was "moral reform," as you put it, without knowing whether or not Mr. Husock really cared for the poor in this country. Tragically, I tried to score a rhetorical point in the post--this was my attempt to provoke a reaction, but my ego also broke through in the conceit. I agree that the best writing of this kind keeps ego in check.


It was a fine post. How do we hold the mirror up to nature, to our own moral nature, how can we see ourselves in that light? Not easy. Perhaps art, sermon and satire, help us in that regard, though we always tend the see the mote in the other's eye more than the beam in our own. (Q: Was Jesus a satirist? Same effect, but more subtle, always problematizing the moral position from which his interloctors addressed him with their questions, jibes, and arguments.)

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