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December 23, 2005


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Spaniels are beautiful dogs. :)

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Thank you,


Nice. Thanks for the heads up.

Lucy Bernholz

Good question. I stopped blogging to meet work and family commitments. It is, as you well know, hard to write something interesting every day. Especially about philanthropy, a field that moves glacially.

BTW, your comment on getting some controversial discussions going is right on - that would be a way that blogs (which are all about timeliness) could mesh with philanthropy (which isn't exactly all about speed and debate)


Thanks, Lucy. There is plenty to discuss, it is just that to do it in public is to take a risk. Giving is a great topic, one of the seminal topics - What is it to be human? What is it to be happy or successful? To what extent are we economic creatures? What is the order of the flesh or market and the order of love or spirit? To which does giving belong? What is the role of giving and quid pro quo and reciprocity and logrolling in political philanthropy? To what extent are lobbying dollars and foundation dollars fungible in ideology creation and deployment? What is the role of giving in creating and upending hegemonic elites? Surely, these are lively questions? But they are mostly off limits, since someone might be offended. And that someone might be a significant donor, board member, client, customer, colleague, or supervisor. Blogging is one arena where the accepted norms allow for a free debate and give and take, or even vitriol. Let's take advantage of that and speak in human voices of what is for us a besetting passion. Sure would like to hear what your own unselfconcious voice sounds like when you are writing for or speaking to your fellow citizens, not just as philanthopy wonk, but as an informed person committed to a better world. Time is hard to find. But blogging is like thinking, you can do it off and on all day long.

Think, write, post. Respond to comments. Think, write, post. Hope you will take that risk on good days and bad.

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