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December 08, 2005


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Chris Corrigan


Two places: http://www.chriscorrigan.com/parkinglot/2005/11/community-at-work.html and http://www.chriscorrigan.com/parkinglot/2005/12/opening-space-with-youth.html

are recent examples of spaces on the edge of the curb in which tremendous change might be incubated.

We had some philanthropic endeavours at both of these events, but I wish we had more. One of the learnings from the first one, after a senior government person spent 1.5 hours talking to a kid who had fetal alcohol syndrome and who had been kicked around the system for ages, was that the government person found herself at a loss in the face of real complexity. To her credit she asked the question:

"What is the leadership we can show that will set a path for this kid?"

And that is why dialogue must happen in those containers. It brings the real complexity home. Suddenly it's not about markets and ideals and it's all about a kid who has very little hope, very little decorum and very little chance of making an impression with the funders meeting someone who may be actually up to the challenge.

We'll miss Phil too eh?


I, too, miss Philanthropoid already. Now I guess I have to get my "Hail Carnegie..." tattoos removed.

But, word on the street says that you are one of the heirs, apparently.

I'll bank on your good humor and ability to prod and provoke as well as celebrate the good work in the field.

The field of philanthropy often suffocates in its own toxic and self-indulgent miasma and can sorely benefit from the fresh air that blogosphere provides.

Somebody open a window...


Phil Anthropoid is a real leader and will find ways to make his presence felt, I am sure, on line and off. He and I are friends. I can't in any way assume his mantle, but I appreciate the kind words. It is important that those of who have a "window of opportunity," just speak out as we can. There is no telling, for each of us, when that window will shut.

Good manner are required for admission to the right circles. Those who depart from good manner do so at their own risk.

Makes you wonder what would happen if we all just spoke out?

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