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December 03, 2005


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JJ Commoner

"Are you out as a blogger?" Tracy Gary asked me. "Well," I said, "gifthub is in my bio, let's leave it at that."

Good thing you use so many aliases for all your characters on Gifthub .. people will never guess who you are .. or who they are.

Combine the two events and a trip away from home, and it sounds kinda like a cross between a science fiction movie fest and a pilgrimage consisting of a 48 hour drive from Cleveland to Palm Springs on back roads, in a middle-aged Greyhound bus, with a travel club half made up of Shriners and half of lapsed Scientologists who have decide to return to Gaia.

And I don't mean this unkindly at all .. rather, the opposite .. but it does seem a bit surreal ... hehe

See what having an alternative life on the Internets has brung ya .. a mixture of respect (for your courage), awe (related to your brilliance) and suspicion ('cuz of yours and your community's genrtle inistence on dialogue,satiric rationality and some relationship with honesty).

We might consider your ability to attract such feelings as some of the fundamental elements for seeking nomination to run for the senate, or maybe even the presidency in 2012 ? or would Madame C. let you ?


"Zelig," keeps popping up. http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Club/9542/zelig.html

JJ Commoner

Delicious .. and oh-so-apt.

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