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December 15, 2005


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Jon Husband

I've known of, and appreciated the Berkana Institute for a fair while. It was started by Margaret Wheatley (and I think maybe Myron Kellner-Rogers), and I'm guessing in '98 or '99. I have been under the impression that it's presence was somewhat less noticed than it might have (to date) been given that much of its life has been unfolding at the same time as the WOT. For example, I think Margaret had a stronger (no, let's say more recognized in the mainstream) voice in the late '90's than today ... perhaps. On the other hand, that could be an uninformed point of view on my part, and it may be that the Institute is moving ahead assertiovely and with much recognition.

Have you ever looked at Wheatley's book "A Simpler Way" ?


Have not seen that book, but I guess I should. I was very impressed by Stilger.

Chris Corrigan

Funny how our circles intersect. I've been involved in the Art of Hosting for a while now, through my friend Toke Moeller, who works with Bob.

The Giving Conference was a bit of a prototype in combingin philanthrophy, hosting and blogging. It worked really well, and has been subsequently replicated in a few places...

At any rate...you an I (and Jon) sure do get around, and yet we seem to arrive at the same bar every once in a while!

phil cubeta

Nice to hear that our circles keep intersecting. Organizing seems like churning butter, you just have to keep churning until the cream rises, and the little clumps begin to form. Social organizing, open space, giving, and social change do seem natural allies.

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