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July 02, 2005


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JJ Commoner

I hope it comes into being ... it is sorely needed (especially if the vision of the first two or three sentences comes to pass), and would serve an exemplary purpose. The inclusiveness and types of discourse dialogue you seek to create are fundamental to the human enterprise, and their lack or absence will continue to accrue to the detriment of us all ... which is why such inititiatives are and will be so very important, if only to show that it can be done.

Philip Cubeta

It is coming together but not necessarily under the name of gifthub. Soon you may hear of Inspired Legacy, Tracy's new initiative. With the right "mission partners" it could be a staging area for a hub bringing together the best elements of for profit and nonprofit, paid and volunteer, elements of "Giving for Democray."

Jean Russell

As far as I know, estate tax and the hope of avoiding tax have not proven to be #1, 2, or even #3 on the list of motivations for givers or even potential givers, so I am not sure that repealing estate tax will lead to the horrible future world you propose.

Still, I see the need for what you propose. I wholeheartedly support your vision; and I struggle to keep up with your strong open-mindedness and inclusiveness. I wish your gift-hub well in whatever forms it manifests in.

I hope to help the hybrid seeds of donors who are philanthropic adivisors as well as the advisors who are donors grow along with a strong contingent of donor-activists. Where we merge roles across silos, we begin to release new innovations. That hybrid garden is one I will nurture with all I have.

Philip Cubeta

I also have seen the studies showing that tax benefits are low on the list of reasons people give. However taxes are often the only reason the issue is raised by attorneys and financial advisors as they draw up plans and wills. I am afraid absent the tax motive, it will be up to donors to be more proactive seeking out advisors who "get it." The hub idea plays into that, as a resource and meeting ground, as you know, for both donors and their advisors - a meeting ground and higher ground than just taxes and finance.

A garden with hybrids is a wonderful metaphor, thank you. Yes, it is all about nurturing and cultivating our better selves for a better "garden." Hybrid advisors: as much concerned about the well being of the client as a moral and politico-social creature as with the growth of his or her networth. The agricultural metaphor recalls the classical thinkers like Aristotle and Pindar who addressed giving, virtue, the polis, and human excellence.


As a conservative minority, it may sound crazy, but I have to agree with you 100%. I appreciate the view you are coming from. "We the people" have the ability to change the world, but as a society we get hung up on political stance, religious background, our education and family upbringing. Meaning, if we don't fit the category, we can't stand together to make a difference.

Again, thank you for sharing your views, vision and heart. You are on the right track. If we can be of service and help with this vision, let us know.


Thank you, Robert.


Neo-liberalization, which emphasizes individual freedom from restraint, free competition, the self-regulating market, has been accomplished at the expense of lower standards of living for workers, downsizing, outsourcing and mergers, changing technology, job dislocation, declining wages, and weakened labor unions.


Also at the expense, perhaps, of political liberty and personal freedom, if freedom is more than consumption. The CEO of a global company says, "Look, I hate outsourcing jobs to China, but the cost is so much less, our competitors are doing it, I have no choice; my hands are tied." Freedom?

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