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July 06, 2005


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Jean Russell

Cheerleader, Clown, Troublemaker, or Fool by whatever name you call yourself and others call you; you still sound so sweet.

The role does not make the man, through a roll can fill his belly.

With masterful use of language like yours, surely you can play a little game with words and give someone an excuse to use your talent. In the end it does not change the essence of who you are even if it tarnishes the outside a bit.

Let's plant some seeds and see what comes of it. I like a big beautiful garden. I even like some weeds -- for what to some are weeds are to others flowers.

Give me a big bright yellow dandelion. Let it flourish so I can blow the seeds gently into the wind and watch them dance and twirl till they land and make more.

Whoever you are, whatever you are, you are serving a purpose. Is it your purpose?

Philanthropy, democracy, and capitalism can't care or not care about you and your purpose. They have no consciousness, poor things. It is up to you and I and all that we can reach to move these monoliths and ancient stones of our society.

Do you have a hammer? A pulley? A lever? Let's see what CAN be done.


I have at best the grape seed. Some day will come the vintage?

Jean Russell

With much work and some time.

We spit the hybridseeds on good soil to make a great and delicious crop. We won't know exactly how good for many years to come.

Hopefully the current drought will make them strong and ardent.


Grafting is another good metaphor, from Derrida, thinking of how he was grafting French thought onto the Anglo-American rootstock. The result did prove fertile, I suppose. Can we do the same with forprofit and nonprofit alliances? I think it can be done. Maybe the best analogy is inter-marriage of tribes long kept separate, and now mutually suspicious or even hostile. But broadening the gene pool would be good for all.

Phil A.

This is a wonderful self-portrait, Phil. It's also rare in philanthropy. What did you teach and where?


English lit at Birmingham-Southern College, briefly, before going into financial services.

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