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March 21, 2005


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You, Sir, are delusional!

What psychotic nerve or psyhedelic drug has led you to believe that you live in a Democracy. Welcome to the gulag, please enjoy your stay. You may continue to amuse yourself with these ravings, in fact, please do, our lobotomists are standing by.

How mad are you? To admit publically that you are a terrorist? "Just liberal." Fortunately, for you, we know you are insane. If you were to deny that you were a liberal, that would be different, that would be proof of your latent terroristic tendencies.

But Democracy? Assembly, redress, speech? What century are you living in? Words, meaningless words, rendered so by the might of my world historical rubber.

Tabula rasa, baby.


My views are definitely "quaint," I was raised before 9/11 changed everything. We are now living in a state of exception. Things will get back to normal after we win the war against evil.

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