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February 02, 2005


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I'm almost finished with Lessig's Free Culture. For an absolute novice in all things copyright, I found it facinating and really well-written. He's released it in book form (at your local bookstore, presumably) and with a Creative Commons licence as a PDF. I highly recommend it.


Free Culture is available in audio format as read by volunteers and as allowed by its Creative Commons license. Don't have a URL, but I'm shure it isn't hard to find.


Phil, bet you didn't see this coming when your Digirati friends first started preaching the gospel of openness and the evils of strong IP laws, DRM, DMCA, etc. It really doesn't surprise me at all. Nor does the lack of public outcry. Hopefully this will begin to change for the better soon.


Culture wants to be free. "Popular Culture" is private property. I have never much liked the kind that comes in a package for mass consumption.

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