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February 03, 2005


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I, too, am struck by the consonance, but have found it the exception rather than the rule; statistically, it's a wash.

Donations to televangelists who will pray your cancer away, proselytizers who will feed and clothe people willing to listen to their testimony of faith, building funds for the greater glory and generous salaries for those who make this all work -- USians are getting less bang for their Christian buck than any resonable investor would ask; that's assuming the goal is aligned with the Sermon on Mount :-)

Few of the Faithful tithe and more get their religion from television than church attendence. They are Christian the way supporters of The Nation are left wing on their cruises.


Christ was born in a Dumpster or the equivalent; fate has cast me among people I would not expected to befriend, but I would rue the loss of my Evangelical, socially conservative friends. They have much to forgive me for, including my pointy-head and secularism. Good and bad in all groups, but there are some very generous and dedicated people whose allegiance to their fellow man is mediated by Christian doctrine. The issue to me is how far does it go? Far enough? What no one wants to ask if how much worse can it get for the disenfranchised and so anyone much care? Some Churches may the take the lead in the slums, but how much money will they get from the voluntary donors from the suburbs? When it all plays out....despair, third world stlye suffering, and the rhetoric of self-help dispensed with a moving mouth and a stingy hand.

Yes, we are generous, but not to the ugly problems of the poor. When you sit eye to eye and ask about it, the conversation is not very productive, in most cases. We are losing cohesion, whatever we had. "We shall overcome... high taxes. We shall overcome government regulation..." The "We" gets narrow and parochial - which means, really, of or pertaining to a parish.

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