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December 14, 2004


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John Engle

As I go about my days coordinating and striving to raise funds for a small program in Haiti, I find great encouragement in learning about the work that you and your colleagues are involved in, Phil. Chapo Ba ! (Haitian Creole for hats off to you) John


Thank you, John. You are doing the real work.

seaman bmo

Well, not that you mention it, Admiral, I was wondering where Gifthub was headed. I've been on the aft deck swabbing, see. Argh. Seems the good ship is on course. Pass the compass.

Any chance we'll be seeing land soon? A port o call? With a decent bordello? My usual seems scuppered.


BMO, please see our Sponsor, WB, for all your personal needs.


Love your Tutor's Album.


Thanks, some of my favorite things.

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