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November 27, 2004


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I have my doubts about the wisdom of proactive donor management. Creating wealth and disbursing it productively are two separate skills. Donor genius, like investor genius, lies in finding people who will maximize the funds they're given.

What might help donors more is a comprehensive survey of advisors. There are any number of ways to rate them, from low overhead to persistence in ameliorating challenging conditions.


Donor may have decided that money will go to Wheaton in 5 years. By using Winklevoss, donor gets current deduction while continuing to manage the funds. Likewise, an investment advsisor might like Winklevoss, since it would allow the client to give money away while keeping it under the advisors management. Shopping for advisors and grant advice is another whole topic. A lot of this giving is actually driven or facilitated by the client's advisory team. What Winklevoss does is lighten the advisors reasons for undercutting the potential gift. A lot of what is happening today in the financial services world is "capturing" and managing gift monies, through foundations, donor advised funds and now Winklevoss. You would be surprised: If you sell advisors on a concept and compensate them, clients will be found.

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