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October 08, 2004


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Jon Husband

Sounds quite interesting. I used to work for the United way (2 years ... 1982-84) and I've often wondered what kind of online capabilities might develop that would mimic it. I guess what i perceive is that the Net/web permits a very clear means for donor designation of gifts ... another strong example of disintermediation.

In terms of Newdea, I wasn't completely clear from your description as to what the value proposition (to "coin" a phrase) was, except for providing another place and links for giving and distriibuting


Value proposition(s):

For donors: find, fund, and follow the results of your gifts.

For charities: be visible to donors seeking to make grants, and thereby garner new gifts.

For advisors: get paid on money held in a donor advised fund pending distribution.

For financial corps: private label and bill as a value added for clients, and nick the cash flows.


For a fully functional version of the concepts behind check out our website - www.globalgiving.com. Search of 200 projects in 50+ countries, see progress reports, track your giving, give gift cards, etc. We feel like our wheel, while evolving, needn't be recreated....
I tried to figure out who is behind Newdea but their beta site is very vague about the organization...I'd love to connect with them to see about collaboration if anyone can help with that.

phil cubeta

Rick Harig at http://www.legacy-resources.com might be able to provide more info on Newdea.

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