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October 29, 2004


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This is ridiculous in my opinion. It is a free country. This is why the founders of America came here so they could agree or disagree with the powers that be, and be vocal about it. Hello, freedom of speech!

If the NAACP loses its tax exemption status, I hope there is a march, and this little white girl is going to be right up there with them, with a sign, and my marching boots.

This is garbage. Totally unAmerican. Stupid. What else is there to say other than, it is just stupid.




My sentiments too. But partisan orgs are not supposed to be set up as charities. This could be a battle ground, as more and more charities live in fear of speaking out, while Heritage Foundation AEI, Cato, Hudson and other right wing orgs rake in the big bucks. All we need in this already divided country is to politicize charitable exemptions. Hope that the thinkers on the right speak out for Freedom, rather than lip synching the word. We should be united on this.


The government (taxpayer me) should not subsidize political views


Who decides what is political? Politicians! NAACP or Heritage Foundation? Which is political? Cutting one another a little slack, or cutting no one any slack would be fair, but using the IRS to hassle political opponents would be a dirty game.

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