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July 28, 2004


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Chris Corrigan

That looks good...the ebay/google idea writ small...it feel very inviting too...a guy could just click and give.

Phil Cubeta

Yup got the link from the givingspace list.

Robert Tolmach

I absolutely loved the ida of Donors Choose. What a great idea to connect small donors with the teachers who need materials for their students.

Then I looked at four items. I'm appalled!

One teacher wants $142 for 5 hot melt glue guns ($28 each). You can find them on ebay for half that. Further, why do kids need a hot glue gun to glue together "buttons, fabric and toilet paper rolls"? My entire class went all the way through architecture school with Elmers.

Another teacher wants $840 to buy school supplies for 12 kids (12 Backpacks, 24 notebooks, 12 binders and packs of pencils and pens). $70 per kid? Hello?

Another wants a $196 darkroom timer. The same model on ebay has less than a day to go and hasn't generated a bid.

Here's a teacher who wants a new 3.2 megapixel digital camera so her kids can learn to see the world. I have alot of friends who are very happy with their much less expensive 2 megapixel cameras.

There may well be better deals on the site, but the first 4 I saw don't encourage me to look further. These teachers need to learn to shop.

Phil Cubeta

Thanks, Robert. Interesting comments. Hope they capture similar input at their site.

Roxanne Richards

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Contributions are tax-deductible, and the donors receive photographs, student thank-you notes, a teacher letter, and receipts for the project they choose to sponsor.


what a great idea...



Hi all...I'm writing in response to the comments Robert made about teacher's needing to learn how to shop.

I just wanted to let you know that I have a request posted on Donorschoose.org and when I was asked to price my items (mainly books) I was not given a chance to "shop around" the Internet. We must choose from what they offer us and at the prices that are listed...

They give you specific links to whichever sites they want you to shop. You cannot go on e-bay, you can't shop at bargain places, even though I would if I could...

It's not fair to blame teachers for asking for these things that have high price tags.


Thanks, Kristina for sharing your experience.

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