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April 19, 2004


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Boy, the Activity of the Citizenery is underwhelming.

Let me break the ice for those of 'WE' who are new to the blogging realm and think these things that go on here in the comments section are bizarre.

My name is Brian. I am a writer, a retired performer, and a father of three. Currently I am employed by one of the world's largest corporations in one of its lowest capacities. I am finishing work on a novel. Before I injured my elbow I played golf to a nine handicap.

My interest here at Gifthub? I'm attempting to ensure that my children grow up to be active responsible citizens in a democratic world where their innate kindness and compassion is not compromised by an increasing tendency toward the muting of Free Thought. Currently, and perhaps oddly, I find the greatest roadblock in their development to be the notion of Character Education. If I could I would teach them Joy.


Nice to meet you, BMO. Thanks for introducing yourself. Actually, worked on a case once in whbich the upshot was that the client took their "pro-social dollars" and started what is now a very successful character ed company. A social venture. Wish now that I had pursued the values conversation with them more vigorously. Never challenged them, wish I had, not to change their minds, but to understand their logic better.

Hope you wil stick around. A new site is like a new restuarnat. People peer in to see if there are any customers. Help me set the tone: Good conversation on giving, with no one excluded, for lack of funds.

Jon Husband

I think it looks to me like Brian is commenting almost as much as he used to blog.

Damned Turkish keyboe#ard -

Time to turn on bmoeasy again?


Thanks, Jon.

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