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April 25, 2004


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Why bring up 'Doctors'? Maybe it's a nice sentimentality that conjures up Hippocratic oath to 'come for the benefit of the sick'. I remain sceptical that my visiting a doctor is 'for my benefit', for if it was indeed why would I go to see him many a time as a last resort? Perhaps because during my visit I end up being subjected to his entourage and most of my time is spend answering questions and filling up paperwork provided to me by the white wise labcoat counsel of the Good Doctor. Only then, having passed the institutionalized screeners, I will patiently await His visit in a small room. Upont his entering, before I really have an opportunity for a conversaion, he seems to be already gone to see another person in another small room, me left with qustions I never had a chance to formulate.

I don't know anything about 'Gift Planning'. I have never been in an opportune position to either give or receive. The connotation of course is that Any Gifts of Mine have no Value since I believe that Society's Pathology points to things of Value if they can appear on a Monetary Totem Pole. Almost none of my gifts appear high on that mesuring stick.

I seemed to read at Tom Matrullo's site once this questions I shall paraphrase: "Is health care a private product to purchase or a public good to protect and make available" If a Product then one has to work for it and be a professional in the marketplace. If a Public Good one has an obligation to protect it and make it available to others as a Steward or a Servant would. In the case of Philantropic Giving Of Money one can be a Professional or a Steward. These are some of the thoughts that came up while reading your post.


K! Thanks. Very much. Yes, let's say that gifts circulate and in their circuit define a commons. Now as to you, what gift do you bear? You who work in a cubicle, who must come when called. Might I suggest that you bear seeds from another place and time, another scene of resistance, through satire and humor? Trickster, what gifts does he bring? Coyote? Hermes? What was his trade, welder in a shipyard? Lec Walesa?

Freedom is a word on all lips. But mention liberty only in the dark of the night, then run like hell. We will shout it together then scatter in opposite directions, meeting later for a glass of wine.

At dawn you can return to your cubicle, and I will ask your CEO - "What does generosity mean to you? If you could have only two words on your family crest, what would they be?" (Lucre et Vertas).


"Freedom is a word on lips" you say, yet Freedom seems to Live on the lips of Sleepwalkers and does not stir the soul, for Freedom begins and ends on the Lips alone. Thus Lunatics' flutterings are not stirrings of the soul but motor functions of the body. The lips move but the spirit Sleeps.

In Polish the the word for a Sleepwalker is 'Lunatyk', from latin lunaticus, an insane person.

Yes, I bring seeds from another place and time. But the seeds can't grow on a carpet. The just gety vacuumed.

The CEO's explanation may be: "We have carpets because it's cost-conscious" hence 'Lucre' is attended to, and "We vacuume cubicle floors every night because we like a clean workplace for our employees" hence 'Virtue' is attended to. The seeds? There seems to be less of them.


Two cures for despair: Prozac or purposeful action on behalf of an ideal. About one, the ads say, "Ask your Doctor." For the other we have to find our own way.

I was asked by a philanthropist, and a good hearted man, to say how I thought gifthub might benefit the isolated person of great gifts and no money.

I wrote him a long note back, but never answered the question. Do you have any thoughts, K!, about how we could do more than vacuum the carpets?

What is the simplest and least expensive thing that could be done to give hope and to rally, among the cubicle-dwellers, those with ideals?


A possible gift I can bring to Producers is "I am pissed off at Apple Givers" yet a greater gift to bring to Marketers is "I am pissed off at those who know the Apple is poisoned yet remain silent,and even praise the shape and color of the fruit" and the gift to Sleepalkers? I don't know for many times I am but one of us, one of us in the ranks I stand hungry and jealous of the fruit's power.


How can "gifthub might benefit the isolated person of great gifts and no money"

I don't know.

Thank you for asking the question. Please thank you friend for asking the question. The question itself is a great gift. Thanks.



Not meant as a rhetorical or personal question. Think of it as a project. If someone had a few bucks and was not asleep, but knew others are, or are pretending to be, where could she "invest" these dollars for a "measurable social return on investment." Think Poland. Think Good Soldier Schweik. Think Karl Kraus. Carnival. Puppet Theater. Mexican Phone Store.

When people trekking across fall asleep, they freeze to death while thinking themselves warm.

To awaken is painful - "Let me sleep." But we owe it to them to give them a chance.


I just found the tunafish next to the jumper cables--I WAS SO HAPPY!

gifthub. hmmmm. thinking out loud, so to speak. I'm not sure I undertand yet, but tell me if it has anything to do with an idea I once mulled over with RageBoy. In our many discussions over the last (going on) several years, we have both been on both sides of the "haves" and "have nots" fence. I used to have enough money. He used to have enough money. Then he didn't have enough money. Then I didn't have enough money. Now I have just barely enough money. He doesn't have enough money, bankrupt in fact.

Along the winding isle of prozac and pancakes, we talked about a place--an online place--that would act as a kind of "hub" or digital marketplace or intermediary between folks with a few extra bucks and folks who needed a few extra bucks. We talked about how in Gonzo Marketing, the model chris built is one of underwriting. Underwriting by business of talented markeplace participants--i.e., bloggers, netziens, whateva.

We talked about how business hasn't really shown up for the party yet, those motherfuckers.

And we talked about how maybe we need to begin to support, to underwrite, one another.

We talked about weblogs, and can you imagine on your blog saluting underwriters detailing the realworld expenses they are helping to offset: Telephone service underwritten by K!; Healthcare premium, underwritten by Commonplace, Halley's Comment, and DCS! Dog food underwritten by Sandhill. Kid's scooter underwritten by Bag n baggage. And there's a "blogrolling.com" type tool that keeps track and updates your underwriter's list right on your blog.

And the marketplace/intermediary/hub, well, you could register there and specify who you want to give to (like the united way kind of)--you specify who and how much--hell $20 a month even---and the intermediary would distribute the funds and it would be ongoing. Feed the blog children. Crude? Sorry, but some of us are real hungry out here.

Right, so, the intermediary/hub matches patrons with bloggers and we as bloggers have the opportunity to become both giver and receiver.

So, am I in the right place?

carry on.


Here is an example of a person with gifts and a need for money. The One True b!X


If you remember him from cluetrain list a couple of years ago. He is an Active Citizen in a city of Portland. He could use some underwriting money.


Jeneane, Nope, wrong place. We are for givers. For example, you are a writer who can do corporate voices. That is a gift. A talent that is death to hide. Here you could connect with other civic minded people to do projects of public moment, perhaps to address the causes of which your personal sorrows are a symptom. We discourage the giving of gifts to those in need because it encourages dependency and destroys the incentive to work towards overall political solutions.



We all have something to give. Those waiting to get something for nothing live in the wrong country, unless they are heirs, or live on dividends, capital gains, and rent.

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