What has this got to do with philanthropy? Feed

Thivai as Philanthropist

I have been reading and blogging Thivai Abhor for years. Now he has put his bio online, his quest.

I was a high school drop out (10th grade), lived on the streets from the age of 15, survived in gangs and underground lifestyles, built a close-knit communal tribe that lasted for years and dissolved in a flash, worked as a roofer for 8 years, ended up working 22 jobs before I became a professor--I never had much tolerance for work that didn't provide me with some sense of doing something of value (as in making the world better somehow).

Learning, art, teaching, depression, gang violence, drugs, loving kindness, animality, the logos, and the quest as Thivai puts it for "foundations (under-standing)."  I am going to file this under, "What has this got to do with philanthropy?" Probably nothing, and maybe that is what is wrong with philanthropy, how dry it is how, how polite and brittle, how much it leaves out. No, philanthropy is what Thivai does.