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Discussing Philanthropy at Financial Permaculture Event

I will be talking some about philanthropy at C.A. Fitt's event, "Financial Permaculture: The Greening of a Rural American Community," October 24-28 in Hohenwald, TN. Catherine talks about "real wealth" being the wealth of living systems and of human relationships as well as that of productive local businesses, embedded in networks of trust, financial intimacy, and neighborly reciprocity. Is that a throw back to a simpler age, or a glimpse of the world to come after the stock market bubble, inflated once again, finally bursts for good? Our common wealth, patrimony, community, our legacy, for me these themes are somehow bound up with giving and gratitude, and an urge to pass along what we have been given by those who went before. Personal financial planning in a world where we can no longer count on inflation plus x% for our retirement plans seems an urgent need. If a nest egg goes into building a successful green business with friends, family, and neighbors, and that helps many people to thrive, is that philanthropy? Well, as they say, "charity starts at home."  Then again, maybe dis-investing in those Wall Street firms is treason, so closely bound up are they with our elected officials. I would hate to think the price of progress is fewer investment bankers with golden parachutes, even if they are philanthropically inclined