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Supporting Advancement weblog. Slowly, slowly the fundraising community seems to be getting online to share ideas and best practices. I hope over time that the conversation of philanthropy draws us together across our many specializations, professional affiliations, and "silos" so that we see ourselves, along with donors and volunteers, as fellow citizens engaged in a great wave of giving of which our specialized efforts, and institutional affiliations are just one tiny part.  Can we begin to see ourselves as making common cause, across our institutions and - for want of a better term - jobs?

Planned Gift Software



Leimberg's Charitable Financial Planner

Suggestions: The easy part is the keystrokes. Knowing what tools to use with what assets, for which donors, and all the related pitfalls is harder. Then you also have to get the gift opportunity administered. Those new to the field might want to work with another institution, a parent organization, or a for-profit organization with experience not only illustrating but also implementing the tools.

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