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The Authority as Anachronism

Tom Belford at The Agitator on generational differences and how they will affect both media and cause groups:

For at bottom, what do cause groups do other than interpret current events and package and spin that information to mobilize supporters around the threats and opportunities represented by those events? But just as under-30s don't seem to need an Uncle Walter anymore, why would they need a "trusted voice" like the Sierra Club or an ACLU to help them understand things ... when they have Google and 300 I-messaging buddies to sort things out?

Thanks, Mom and Dad, I Gave Away My Inheritance; When Do I Get More?

NY Times on  twenty-something heirs who give away their inheritance to social change organizations.  The subtext includes cautionary comments by parents, financial advisors,  those who in an earlier generation gave their money away and now wax a bit rueful.  How much is enough for children? At what moment? After what preparation? Along with what financial and life coaching? These are the questions, I think, that a wealthy parent might have eying a growing heir.  (Via Philanthromedia.)