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Planned Giving Design Center Revamped

The Planned Giving Design Center has been updated and relaunched. is a key resource for any professional working with wealthy clients or donors on planned gifts. Also, the site is useful to fundraisers as a window into the world, mind set, assumptions, and blindspots of professional wealth, tax, and legal advisors. You will quickly see that from within this world giving is all about tools, techniques, tax, finance, and legal fine points. It would make no sense in such a context to talk about donor psychology, ideals, aspirations, or about social impact. These "touchy feely"considerations are best left to the donor's Rabbi, or the Dumpster Dwelling moral philosophers who infest the highways and byways of The Ownership Society, practicing their liberal arts by stealth and dark of night. A better world has lower taxes for our clients. Now beat it! We are doing serious planning here, not vaporizing about social justice, health and welfare, the arts , or the environment.