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Endowing a Gift - Concept for Enlisting Clients of Financial Advisors in Your Annual Giving

Here is a simple concept that insurance agents like, needless to say, but also appeals to donors and nonprofits. Let's call it the Perpetual Gift, or Endowed Gift.  It works best when tied to a specific need of the organization, as for a new building, or endowed chair.  The gift delivers now money and endows that gift at the donor's death.

Donor gives, say, $100,000 a year for life or for a defined period. Donor also gives enough to purchase a life insurance policy that will replace the annual gift forever, or for the remainder of the chosen period, at the donor's death.  Maybe $50,000 of premium will buy $2,000,0000 of death benefit. And maybe $100,000 a year for thirty years will pay a mortage on a new building named for the donor. So, for $150,000 the gift is endowed.

If you are a fundraiser ideas like this matter because they make allies of the insurance and planning community. They also get the planners thinking about current gifts ("now money"), not just about planned gifts or legacies.  I like ideas like this because they are simple and do not require reams of explanatory material.