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How To Save The World Through Loving Conversation

Dave Pollard:

Whether you want to change the political or economic system, save the whales, stop global warming, reform education, spark innovation or anything else, the answer is in how meaning, and understanding of what needs to be done, emerges from conversation in community with people you love, people who care.

Dave is operating on the assumption that life on earth has entered a new extinction phase. Also, that we among the ruins, or in the Halliburton Freedom Camps, can cultivate a loving conversation of what went wrong, so that the survivors will carry forward our belated wisdom.  (c.f., Aeneas fleeing Troy in flames.) I can see why, envisioning the end of our civilization, one might turn to D. H. Lawrence rather than Milton Friedman for succor.  Our spiritual and communal instincts, the instinct for life. How it rises in us, even now, perhaps too late.