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Thought > Action > Impact: An e-journal of Philanthropic Ideas. We intend this bi-monthly journal to be a valued and dynamic forum for differing views on issues relevant to the philanthropic field. TAI will give voice to some of the most influential leaders from the public, private, and nonprofit sectors, on topics that are timely and matter most to you. This issue focuses on philanthropy's response to the exceptional economic crisis that sprang upon us this fall. It offers both philosophical perspectives and practical counsel on moving forward in an unstable environment.

New Markets Tax Credits

NFF announced today that it has been awarded $50 Million in New Markets Tax Credits to support community development projects in low-income areas.

Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF) is a national leader in nonprofit, philanthropic and social enterprise finance. Founded in 1980, NFF ( provides loan financing, access to capital and direct advisory services that build the capacity and the financial health of nonprofits. A leading community development financial institution with over $80 million in assets, NFF has provided over $175 million in loans and access to additional financing via grants, tax credits and capital in support of over $1 billion in projects for thousands of nonprofit clients nationwide. NFF has a staff of more than 75 serving nonprofits nationally from offices in Philadelphia, New York City, Newark , New Jersey, Boston, Detroit, Washington, D.C., and San Francisco.

Slingshot Fund Accepting Nominations

Slingshot Fund:

October, 23 2008 - The Slingshot Fund is now accepting nominations for the 2009 / 2010 edition of Slingshot, an annual guidebook that celebrates Jewish innovation by highlighting 50 North American organizations that take innovative approaches to addressing age-old concerns of identity and community in Jewish life. Organizations that are selected for the guidebook gain significant exposure to a diverse funding community and become eligible for a capacity building grant from the Slingshot Fund.

The nomination form can be downloaded at this Web link:

In order to be considered for Slingshot '09-'10, completed nomination forms must be emailed to Barbara Taylor at and received by December 1, 2008.

At a time when the Nation's economy faces recession and when funders are scaling back on their giving, Slingshot Fund leaders -- comprised of young philanthropists in their 20s and 30s -- are urging members of the Jewish funding community to "double down" on their efforts to fuel Jewish innovation.

Questions for Funders and Advisors: Is giving a luxury to be budgeted for only after all other wants and needs are met, or is it duty or a privilige to be funded come what may? Here is how a young Slingshot funder has answered that question, in the spirit of tzedaka:

According to Jessica Warren, a founding board member of the Slingshot Fund, "Funding innovation cannot be looked upon as a luxury, only applicable in times of prosperity. Innovation is the Jewish community's R&D department. To cut off funding for these innovative programs now would be destroying a bridge that connects our communal past to a vibrant future. It's in these challenging times of decreased giving when fledgling organizations are most vulnerable, that we must view Jewish innovation as a funding imperative."


Threebles: Money for a Triple Bottom Line Economy:

Triple Bottom Line accounting was invented to try to get at the real costs of business which are often externalized in the normal economy. Instead of internalizing the complexity and attempting to account for all such external effects, we suggest another approach. Set up external feedback loops for people and planetary impacts then create a financial consequences by effecting their cost and availability of money.

Threebles (from 3ble - Triple Bottom Line Economics) are a currency which incorporates a triple-credit-rating so Social, Natural and Financial Capital can all be included in the function of money. Threebles are being launched through local trade exchanges in networks of businesses who are socially or environmentally responsible. Contact us to bring Threebles to your community.

Play Big At Hollyhock

September 2nd–6th, 2009:

“…We have got to start a quiet revolution...”
                                          –Abigail Disney

Carol Newell’s effort to use her wealth to its capacity to support a conservation economy in B.C. is an ongoing story that demonstrates one way that creatively placed, mission-driven dollars can positively promote social movement within a region. With this living example of “whole-portfolio activation” as a stimulant and case study, financial peers are invited to bring their own Play BIG stories and aspirations to the conversation. Marian Moore and Carol are the founders of Play BIG. Visit the Play BIG website:

Abigal Disney is confirmed as a speaker.

Social ventures, social change, mission related investing, family philanthropy, donors partnering with advisors and with social venture entrepreneurs - if you are a person of signficant philanthropic capacity who wants to get conncected and tap into best practices, these people at Play Big are among the leaders in the progressive philanthropic community.