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Wealth Bondage Tagline Crowdsourced

Wealth Bondage is variously a Trust Company controlling most of the world's dynastic wealth (which is to say 51% of the world's wealth), neoliberalism considered as a worldview, a Carnival, a Musical, a Market for all things Spiritual, Wisdom Incarnate, a Brand of all Brands, my generous patron, my employer, and a triple bottom line social venture. On special assignment from Mistress Candidia, herself, I am to crowdsource and focus group test a new tagline. We have narrowed it down to four words have to get it down the three. I would appreciate any input you might have.

Wealth Bondage: People, Planet, Profit - My fav but too close to Pepsi's.

Wealth Bondage: Pleasure, Polity, Planet

Wealth Bondage: Profit, Pleasure, Planet

Wealth Bondage: Profit, Pleasure, Polity

I like Polity because it hits off the idea of a well regulated or just society within the overall framework of a Trust Company, and Consumer/Citizen beneficial interest in Dynastic Wealth. But Polity is a little intellectually pretentious for our target market. Profit, Pleasure, Planet seems right. But which should go first? I am thinking Profit goes best in the middle, balancing pleasure and planet.

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