The 12 Steps to Moral Well-Being - The Confessions of an Habitual Sinner
Money sickness

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men

Only a drawing room comedy in the spirit of Oscar Wilde, could do justice to Albert Ruesaga's post on limning  a theory of change for use in fleecing, placating, or shining on grantmakers lost in their own world of Laplacian Social Physics.  I imagine Albert giving this post as a lecture, in his livingroom, as his dog Gracie, bites the ankle of the distinguished looking gentleman, Earnest Dogood, Head of Mega-Engineering Foundation. Earnest in agony, repents his logcentric commitment to pseudo-social-science, as his heart opens, in gratitude to the Hispanic maid who staunches his wound. He commits a big grant to her church, St Mary's, whose Rector raises a tipsy toast, with three cheers and a pip pip. The Empress Dowager raises her hand for Earnest to kiss, and his soul and social standing are saved. Albert then announces that this was his theory of change all along, and that Gracie was trained for just such a catalytic service. Bark, bark! Gracie licks Earnest's hand, and good order is restored on earth as it will be in heaven, if our well laid plans  work out as we intend. In the epiloque, Earnest steps forward, Be assured the world at bottom is reasonable. Not a sparrow falls by chance. All is well under control. We are rich and wise for good reason. God save the Queen!