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Retiring from My Career as a Vagrant to Recumbent Begging

On TV the financial planners helpfully show how much an unemployed worker would have to save from a hypothetical salary three times what she made in her best year, to retire at the poverty level at age 83.  In my case the math works out well. I need a 75% income replacement ratio to stay in my own world financially at retirement. My income, averaged over the last five years, is zero. 75% of that is zero. And if I maintain my current savings rate of zero, I should be able to exceed my projected retirement need by 25%, even if "entitlements" like Social Security are rescinded to keep taxes low on the job creators, whose jobs and philanthropy and philanthropic travel, are in poor neighborhoods more picturesque than my own.  Inflation terrifies those on a fixed income. But zero times any inflation rate you choose to name is still zero! I have one good suit, from 1987, the last time I held a job. I keep it pressed between two boards, so the crease in the pants stay sharp, under the bags of garbage in my dumpster, so that if I do get a job interview I can look good, except for the bare feet, and how wide the lapels are, and how much weight I have lost. In optimistic moments, I hope to be buried in it, but paupers are not choosers, although my consumer confidence remains high. The city buries us, in whatever condition it finds us, on some island, using prison labor, so at least I will be among old friends. The prisons are profitable, and their future is bright. If you want to do good and make a killing, I'd put my money there, if I had money, although I can't give investment advice, since I am conflicted out, as a repeat felon.  I do credit reform school with my reform, prison with my rehabilitation, and the penitentiary with my repentence. Without these social businesses I might have been crook in high places and made fortune on the backs of the oppressed.