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The Future of Charitable Estate Planning

I have been asked to join the Planned Giving Advisory Council for The Carter Center. The purpose of the Council is to consider the future of charitable estate planning, and to share ideas with others in the field. I mention this honor because it has become clear to me than many of you consider me insane. Repealing estate tax, in a time of skyrocketing wealth inequality and the resulting capture of our government by the forces of Wealth Bondage, now that is insanity. But if the rich want no estate tax, or any other legislative favors, then I am all in favor as long as I get a piece of the action. Civil Society is really a Social Capital Market, and all is for sale, and rightly so, because that is what Freedom means. If you are rich and want to keep your money you may bribe me c/o Wealth Bondage for the Greater Good, and I will steer the conversation at Carter Center to Freedom Properly Understood.  What is the going price for selling out the republic? With so much money, after Citizens United, chasing so few politicians, I would hope the price is rising to a level that would tempt an honest man like me. I am not a Congressman, I don't think, unless my lobotomy is playing tricks on me, and I am really am a Senator, but $20 and a place to sleep tonight is all I ask in return for advancing Wealth Bondage for the Greater Good.