The Future of Charitable Estate Planning
Huck's certified Competencies via elearning on his Raft

Merit-based Groceryship

Falguni Sheth at Naked Capitalism:

Polk’s charity, like so many others (such as Teach for America, charter schools, Kiva) that have sprung up recently, reflects the success of a paradigm that has emerged over the last 3 decades. This paradigm endorses private, faith-based, or “non-profit” charities as the foundation of civil society (defined as a non-government sector). These organizations, endorsed by everyU.S.President since Ronald Reagan, have facilitated the evacuation of a public safety net—an evacuation that goes hand in hand with the deregulation of the banking industry, and the steady erosion of unions, public pensions, and labor protections.

Yes, here is how it works. I give pro bono moral tutorials to hedge fund managers, who so englightened, mend their ways, and give all they have to the poor, starting with me. That is my theory of change.  It is too soon for me to declare it a success, but I may yet qualify for a probationary groceryship.