Virtue Rewarded with a Bottle
Grim Death of an Adjunct French Professor at age 83

A Society of Wealth unto Itself

When I was first asked to come here, to the Sanatorium for Morally Deranged Tax, Legal, and Moral Advisors to the World's  Wealthiest Families, I was told I was being brought in as a Morals Tutor to stem an epidemic of moral insanity among the inmates, who are forming a little society of their own, with its own Compact and Governance as if they could float off into air like a little country or planet. Only once inside do I discover that all the other inmates had been fed the same story. (That they are immigrants to a Brave New World of Great and Permanent Wealth, that the Ship of Fools in the harbor is bound for Nirvana, that they are on Pilgrimage to a Shining city on a Hill where the wisest and richest rule us in accordance with Ancient Models of Aristocratic Excellence embodied in us and our noble clients.) So we all take turns curing each other, operating on each other's brains, doing each other's taxes, trading retainer checks, taking confession, writing Constitutional Articles, propoposing new forms of family governance, writing each other's moral biographies, divining the will of God, and sharing our spiritual best practices, from fasting and prayer, to discernment of the proper uses of riches, and our true calling.  The real staff is long gone, since the sequester cuts in public services kicked in.  No one here has a key, and the food is running out. Send help, America, if you still can.