Mario Marino Responds
The Golden Age of Good

Working Hard and Working Well

Reading this companion piece to Mario Marino's Leap of Reason. Working Hard—and Working Well, by David E.K. Hunter, is a passionate and practical hands-on guide to developing the discipline of performance management in direct-service organizations serving the vulnerable. The book is available for free downloadin multiple electronic formats. Through David Hunter, Mario Marino, and Lowell Weiss (a liberal arts educated colleague of theirs), a door opens between the world of performance management and the world of sociology, social work, anthropology, civic engagement, and civic virtue.

David E. K. Hunter, PhD, started out earning tenure as an anthropologist, then left his university position to earn an MSW in order to work on the front lines in social services. Now he consults internationally to funders and social service organizations in the nonprofit and public sectors....

We need more such cross-over figures, lacing together the culture of compassionate care for those in need and the culture of relentlessly getting things done.