Social investing and investment manager compensation
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Sales Training for Impact Investment Professionals

Listen up!

Who wants to make some money? How many of you have clients with a million or more under management who are at risk of giving that money to charity and screwing you out of your investment fees? Charity starts at home. How many of you have children, spouses or a pet? They need to eat too. Am I right?  

So, when your client is tempted to give money to charity, show them how Impact Investments help them and help the world. We got impact charts. Show them the charts. Rather than their being out of the money, they invest with us, and they can do good too. What is not to like?

And you get paid.

Now, get your butts out there on the phones. If you can't sell this against charity, you are a bunch of sissies. Your competition is fundraisers for Chrissakes! Anyone giving money today is a prospect. Look at the social pages. Look at the nonprofit honor rolls. All those so-callled "generous" people are fools. They could keep their money and do more good by investing in our social good deal. Now to motivate you, the team down town have put together a Social Impact Investment Sales Contest. First prize is a Cadillac. Second prize is a set of steak knives. Third prize is your fired. Now go do some good.