The Parable of the Social Venture Farmer
A Beggar's Theory of Change

Reporting on Results, or What a Difference Sobriety Makes

In a sincere effort to improve my understanding of metrics as applied to The Future of Good and Evil, I went to see The Happy Tutor, the wisest man I know who is accessible for the price of a single bottle of bum wine. "Tutor," I said, "every action sets into the world an infinite and incalculable cascade of consequences, some intended, some unintended, some beneficial, others harmful. Who gets to decide what counts as Results for reporting purposes?" To which my Tutor responded, "Did you bring me the wine? First wine, then answer. And the quality of the answer will be proportional to that of the wine." Sadly, Tutor drank the bottle off in a single pull and fell into a drunken stupor. All he said, over and over, tossing on the piles of garbage in his Dumpster was, "Those with the power to compell." I know that is not the right answer. That would be a total injustice! Next time I am going to ask someone who knows. There seem to be so many of them around. Market forces should soon bring the answer within my reach.