The Taxonomy of Good to be Housed in an Aircooled Tower
"My Leadership becomes me," saith the Fool, adjusting his cap and bells

The Quest for the One True Taxonomy of Good

A King (some say it was Midas, after making his fortune, and getting into grantmaking) declared that anyone who could construct for him the one true Taxonomy of Good, so he could make Wise Decisions, as to Scarce Resources, would receive the King's daughter, Beauty, in marriage. Each of his Trusted Advisors, and endless suitors, brought forward their Taxonomies. Some were built from magnets, others had birds in cages, some had clockwork, some were built with circuits, some were driven by spinning wheels. But  none agreed with the others. The King then decreed that his daughter's hand would go to the Taxonomy of Taxonomies that would measure the Accuracy of each of the proferred Taxonomies of Good. Again each suitor and advisor returned with his best shot, but like faulty clocks measuring each other's accuracy, none agreed except with themselves. The cuckoo of Truth rang at all hours. As to the Princess, Beauty, she had long since ridden off with her true love, the Fool.