Democracy under Capitalism 2.0
Demanding Results as an Unquestioned Habit leading to Unbalanced Character

The measure of Performance in love and giving

Gave my standard talk on Engaging High Capacity Donors for Inspired Legacies today in Scottsdale to 100 or so reps of a financial organization. Tonight at the cocktail hour two women came up to say how connected they felt throughout the talk.I asked one why, she said, “I don’t know you seem to understand. With men it is usually all about performance.” The women laughed, including me in the ages old insight. To clarify, metrics say how much bigger or smaller it gets over time. Bars on the bar charts keep getting bigger. That means we are doing well. When Jesus said, "Bring me the stone the builders rejected, that is the cornerstone," or "the last shall be first," or "the meek shall inherit," or, "love others as God loves you," or "from the smallest seed, the mustard seed, grows the tree," or, "suffer the children to come to me," he was not talking about women, he was talking about those on the margins who without glory or expectation of results do what love requires. "Performance," right, exactly that. So in the name of performance let us mutiliate our humanity. Then, may we be so lucky to find a person, more than likely a woman, to bind those self-inflicted wounds.