The Spring
Men doing Women's Philanthropy

The Importance of Being Earnest

“Philosopher, Know thyself” is hard.

“Physician, Heal thyself” is harder.

“Laughter is still the best medicine,” as Diogenes explained to scowling Hippocrates who burst out laughing.

Saving the world is not a topic to be taken lightly, as I was explaining to my fellow experts, who sagely agreed.  

Give Smart:Philanthropy that Gets Results- a great book but how funny? I asked Dr. Lucinda Stout, Chair in Civil Society and Philanthropy at the University of Eldorado, but she threw up her hands. "Get serious!"

As Karl Kraus said of Freud, "Pscyhoanalysis is the disease it seeks to to cure." Wittgenstein said, in effect, "Same goes for Philosophy." And, "A serious book of philosophy might consist of nothing but jokes."

Gospels of Wealth - that too could be a comedy.

Art holds the mirror up to nature, as Horace said, which is why I personally prefer to shave in the shower.