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Otofuku Offering Tea to the Forbes 400

Here she is, Otofuku, the Shinto goddess of mirth and abundance. She brings good fortune it is said to any man she marries. Turn her over and you will see she is sitting on a mask, that of a terrifying red eyed demon. From such energies, she with her tea creates good humor, conviviality, and pleasure. Where would Strategic Philanthropists sit? She might be married to one! Yes, or perhaps one is the demon whose energies she has turned into that little puppy dog? No, more likely Otofuku is sitting with a giving circle of Strategic Philanthropists as they discuss Metrics. "The metric is lives saved!"She serves tea. She says little, other than small talk, and asking, "Would you like another cup?" When the room is empty, I stay behind to help Otofuku clean up. The metric, I say, humorlessly, is lives lost among the living dead, and she laughs merrily, until I join her, laughing at myself.