Maximizing The Poverty Opportunity For Philanthropic Growth
The Spirit of Giving is an Input and an Output to be Duly Weighed

Insurrection from Above

Monbiot in The Guardian:

To subvert means to turn from below. We need a new word, which means to turn from above. The primary threat to the democratic state and its functions comes not from mob rule or leftwing insurrection, but from the very rich and the corporations they run.

Neoliberal think tanks, in his view, and their secretive funders, are the fulcrum for detournement from above. I am seeing something in the evolving view of philanthropy as well managed metrics that chimes well with the neoliberal agenda. The nonprofits serving the poor must suffer as Austerity hits, as tax breaks are given to the Job Creators, the Leaders, those who will use Catalytic Philanthropy to do well and do good, accountable to no one but themselves. The nonprofits will suffer less the more they become like businesses, the less they resist or question the necessity of well managed happily subservient heirarchies and their well paid Leaders. The manic tone of business unleashed is triumphalism. Capitalism has failed but oligarchy thrives. I take no little credit for this in my Annual Performance Review. Every dime invested in Gifthub by my generous Patron, she who rules us all, is money well spent. I am getting results. By every measure the rich are getting richer. Every post pays dividends. And if I was paid more, I would do even better, Mistress, because I would not be so hungry, and would not faint at my desk as often.