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Leap of Reason: Managing to Outcomes in an Era of Scarcity - Mario Marino

A great website, book, videos, and supporting materials from Mario Marino. For a man of reason, his humility dedication, selflessness and passion carries the day. He remembers where is he from (mother cleaned offices, father was a blue collar worker.) He also remembers how he was so successful (business discipline.) He wants nonprofits to be accountable not to "the damn funders" but to the constituency the nonprofit serves, as measured by benchmarks that provide meaningful indications of progress. What Mario makes clear is that these meaningful indicators should be developed by the organization, internally, and should reflect what really counts as winning, in the eyes of those closest to the work. Mario is not, as he says, commenting on the game from the skybox. He is a coach, teaching core skills to nonprofit managers, for the benefit of the community served. The skills he teaches are skills he has mastered and lived. His point about money is that it is scarce, and should be used to maximal effect.