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BoP Impact Investment Opportunity for Qualified Social Investors

Strike a Spark and Save Lives!

After studying Bottom of Pyramid Consumers I have come up with a business plan to provide them for just one dollar with flint and steel to kindle a cooking fire from twigs they collect in vacant lots. We can manufacture the Product for 1 penny, my cut is 30 cents, 30 goes to distribution, and the remainder,  minus a wholesaler fee and commisison to registered reps, goes to the Impact Investors, as a Return on Investment. The Social Return is Priceless. Thousands of lives can be saved, as winter comes on. Many of those who will otherwise starve or freeze are children. I estimate the cash on cash return is higher than payday loans, title loans, or microfinance in the third world, where debt collection generally involves repossessing poultry, cows, or rudimentary tools, at considerable cost through unreliable intermediaries for an uncertain Total Return. Market failure? No! What we have in Poverty is the failure of Entrepreneurial Imagination. Where some see misery and a disgrace, I see opportunity. If our customers make it through the winter, we can upsell them to matches next spring.

This is not an offer. For a prospectus please contact your own qualified investment professional. Wealth Bondage makes no guarantee of investment performance or any particular social impact, positive or negative. The net effect of entropy is generally negative over time, and may ultimately swamp whatever positive emerges from the Steel and Flint Inititiative. As with any Impact Investment please consult a priest or life coach before committing your moral identity to the performance of this, or any, social gesture. Please recognize that Impact Investing, social impact, social return on investment, and other such words and phrases are terms of art in a rapidly evolving rhetorical context, and should be construed loosely, and to the advantage of those who use them. For the current meaning of these rapidly changing terms please consult Dr. Amrit Chadwallah, Professor of Applied Theater at Wealth Bondage School of Fine Arts. Be aware that Doctor Jeff Trexler is not associated with this post, nor is Jed Emerson, Lucy Bernholz, The Rockefeller Foundation, The Clinton Global Initiative, or any poet Laureate living or dead. It is not the intention of The Author Function, or his persona, "Phil," to provoke laughter with regard to serious matters. The reader is asked to maintain a solemn and respectful face, as if in the presence of wealth. We all have illusions that sustain us. Please be considerate of the illusions of others, as you would want yours to be respected in like circumstances.