The Happy Tutor Appointed Regulator of Impact Investment Marketplace
On The Wisdom of Women and other Pariahs

Phil, Give the Destitute Copies of My Moral Biography Lest They Hunger for Wisdom and Virtue

"Revolt," says Chris Hughes, in his new book, Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt, "is all we have left." Read an interview with him at Truthout. When unrest comes, we Trusted Advisors will stand like the Swiss Guard to protect the Wealthy. As the mob approaches the Palace, at last my role as Morals Tutor will come into focus.  I will be lowered on a rope to provide copies of my Mistress's Moral Biography. Where once there was an angry mob, there will be found masses, in deep sleep, with Mistress's Words to Live By, open before them. Tear gas, stun guns, sacrifice zones, kettling, Big Data Surveillance - who needs them when we have Moral Biographies of Wealth by the plane load?