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On Being "Good with Clients"

Patrica Angus, trained in the liberal arts and law, with an extensive career in working with high net worth families, now has a column at WealthManagement.com. Her beat is the hardest part of planning, the part hardheads call "the soft side." In her first article, "Being Good with Clients," Patrica counsels the experts to listen more and talk less. We tend to listen, she notes, for what advances our own interest, in our own field of expertise. She knows that listening for what is best in a client, listening to elicit the client's aspirations, as well as goals and objectives is an art, and a kindness. It is driven not so much by a business model, as it is by simple humanity. 

Being good with clients, honey? Show me the money! How many clients, how good and for how much money? Our clients aren't paying for good attorneys, for God's sake! Good is for the weak and uninformed. How long has this Patricia person been out of law school?  My boss, and generous patron, she who rules us all, could be persuaded, though. There are probably some wealthy clients who actually prefer a good attorney, particularly if the billing rate is lowered accordingly.