Libertarians in Wealth Bondage Freedom Cubes
Why We the People are So Screwed

Getting Revolutionary Results from the Citizen Sector, An Investor's Guide to Proven Best Practices

From the commanding heights of Wealth Bondage (the utilitarian worldview held in common by business, governments of all nations, and many large NGOs), the grassroots nonprofit sector (the Citizen Sector) sprawls as an unruly, ill managed, voluntaristic hotbed of people getting things done without being managed from above by docile experts, reporting to Managers, reporting to Executives, accountable to Flows of Funds and those who control them. The nonprofit sector produces citizens (a quaint term popular as feudalism in Europe and America was upended in revolution), actively engaged in their community, learning how to manage and govern themselves. Whereas what we need more of is less personal and political liberty, fraternity, autonomy, and equality, and more freedom for employers and Masters of Business Administration, their Executive Managers, and Social Investors, to tell us what, when, how often, as well as how. We need less social contract or compact and more legally enforceable commericial contracts in all walks of life. We need less commonwealth and commonweal and common good. We need more outputs and outcomes, more units of production, commensurate with investment expended. Money Well Spent as these distinguished men say.

Everyone wants to get results. Everyone wants freedom. I would settle for a good job and a good boss, wouldn't you? Then maybe someday I can be the boss, or at least a strategic grantmaker, and others will have to kiss my boots. That is justice enough for me. I guess I can't blame my boss and generous patron for being sadistic, when I would just love to revenge myself some day too. "I want results!" God, I would love to bellow that down the hall someday myself, as I stride through with my clipboard and stopwatch. Start every day with jumping jacks while I call the cadence. That is freedom. Yes, clothes are allowed, if I say so. Our investors will be consulted in the viewing area behind the peephole. I will let you know what the dress code will be for my supervisory inspections. What fun. Mary, chin up! Back straight! Show me some enthusiasm. Ah, if only. For now I must truckle and whinge. Tommorrow, I will be the master of minions, if only I am a good enough minion myself.